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BWMC Fitness

Finding the Athlete in Every Parent

#BusyLivesValentine Challenge!


Your dynamic duo is back with a fun, new challenge for you! Join @Ebonny_Fowler and me for a five-day L❤️VE-themed challenge you won't want to miss! We'll help you find time in your busy schedule to spread L❤️VE this Valentine's Day and every day

Each day we'll demonstrate ways we squeeze in quality time for ourselves or with our L
❤️VED ones. Post a video/pic of your take on our workouts or your own routine for a chance to win some amazing prizes❣❣

February 6 - February 10, 2017

Day 1: L
❤️VE yourself
Day 2: L
❤️VE your family
Day 3: L
❤️VE your friends
Day 4: L
❤️VE your body
Day 5: L
❤️VE your life

Follow the rules on Instagram so we know you're joining us for all the fitness fun

We can't wait to spread L
❤️VE and have some fitness fun with you

#BusyLivesSpringTime Challenge!


Your dynamic duo are back with a brand new challenge for you! #BusyLivesSpringTime 🌷⏰💪🏾

As the temperatures rise outside let's elevate our heart rates with some fitness fun! My co-host, Ebonny (@Ebonny_Fowler), & I have come together again to show you how you can turn your busy day into a quick Spring Break! Each day we'll demonstrate ways you can get in a fun workout while enjoying the new season.

Join us for the 7-day Challenge starting Sunday, March 20, 2016 on Instagram!

#BusyLivesMakeTime Challenge!

Challenge Pic

Are you on Instagram? Come join our
#‎BusyLivesMakeTime Challenge starting tomorrow, Monday, January 4, 2016!

As we start a New Year it's time for a new Challenge!

Doesn't it seem like 2015 just came and went? You were probably so busy living your life that time seemed to fly right by you.

If you're like millions of people, one of your goals in the New Year may be to workout more and lead a healthier lifestyle. But let's face it, sometimes life just seems to get in the way.

Well, @Ebonny_Fowler & I have come together to help you find time to squeeze in a workout during your busy day. My co-host, Ebonny (@Ebonny_Fowler), is a single woman working several jobs, 7 days a week, and I am a busy Mama of four young boys. Each day we will demonstrate ways you can exercise while completing your daily errands. This is your challenge for the day: do any workout, either the way we did it or give us your own spin on it, then upload it to Instagram, use the hashtag #BusyLivesMakeTime, and tag us & the sponsors in your caption.

This 7-day challenge starts Monday, January 4, and we have some amazing prizes from our sponsors: @onzie @swoobfit @greatkidssnacks @thexbands @gnarlynutrition

For more details checkout my Instagram page!

Hope to see many of you join us because #BusyLivesMakeTime!