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BWMC Fitness

Finding the Athlete in Every Parent


As a mother of 4 boys, ages 3 to 9 years old, I have had to find time to stay fit around school schedules, diaper changes, temper tantrums, naps (the list goes on…), and in order to find a way to squeeze it in, I have discovered it needs to be convenient, quick, and effective. BWMC Fitness was born out of my desire to work with parents everywhere to find the athlete in each of them. The goal is to design workout programs that are scalable, flexible, and ultimately supportive to your active and very busy lifestyles.

I have been an amateur athlete most of my life. Growing up, my father used to challenge me and my brother to impromptu triathlons. My parents always encouraged us and built my belief that we have no limitations to what we can accomplish. I swam competitively and was a member of the UCSB Swim Team. Later, I refined my love of fitness and competition by constantly challenging my workouts, always looking for the new ab class or spin session, doing triathlons and running races of all distances along the way, throughout southern California and Virginia.

After starting my career as a special education teacher working in both under privileged and affluent school systems, I decided to increase the scope of my professional understanding with the aim of refining the field of education and inspiring new teachers to take the path less chosen and work with some of the greatest kids imaginable. After earning my PhD in Special Education from UVA, I became an assistant professor and worked with beginning and future teachers. Soon after, I started my family and decided to take the time away from my trained profession to follow my chosen one and stay at home to raise my children. Throughout this time as a new parent, I became a certified Trainer with the American Council on Exercise with specialities in Pre and Post Natal exercise, TRX, Yoga, and Fitness Nutrition. In raising my boys and in meeting other parents, I discovered the parallels of my professional, chosen, and personal life. I ultimately decided that I wanted to combine my greatest loves (parenting, teaching, and fitness) into BWMC Fitness.

Staying active not only puts my health as a priority, but it gives me the strength, endurance, and energy to take on the demands of parenthood, stay sane, and laugh at the craziness of trying to balance it all. Come join me as I endeavor to make the time, improve our health, and find the humor in the insanity of parenthood. “Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did,” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Let’s get better and stronger together!